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About Scatter

Welcome to Scatter!

Hi, I'm Amanda and I'm striving to make a conscious effort to scatter and create joy, love and thoughtfulness in my own life and in the different lives I encounter each and every day. I hope that you're here because you are striving to do the same. I'm imperfect at this, but I feel and see the positive difference in my life and the life of others when I am aware and trying to scatter love and create connection.

You have to look inward to reach out!

Over the last few years I have realized that I am much more thoughtful and loving to others when I am thoughtful and loving to myself. Life is too short to beat yourself up. When I am taking care of myself I'm not bogged down by negative self talk and am more free to create joy in myself and those around me.

I believe in the goodness in everyone!

I hope our Instagram feed @scatterandcreate and our products here at help you remember the goodness you have within and the importance of finding the goodness in others.

Scatter love & Create connection-

This is my husband, Ryan and me. He's all goodness and helps me see my goodness when I'm too busy beating myself (and sometimes him too) up. I'm a work in progress, a recovering perfectionist and this is my year!